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The firm was first established in Bologna in 1948 by Cardellini Umberto who named it “Casa del Distributore”; the building and the upkeep of fuel service and attachments stations are the fields in which the firm works. In 1965 our firm moved to the current seat in Ozzano dell’Emilia (Bologna) and it changed its name into “Petrolmeccanica” widening the range of the products and services offered to our costumers. In the post war period Petrolmeccanica was one of the first companies in Italy to face up to problems linked to the fuel supply .Adapting to the market variations ,it’s been able to maintain a primary place ,among the firms of this field for 50 whole years.

1965 - Aeral view of Petrolmeccanica srl.

Fuel supplies site works in Bologna first 50's.

Half century operation in the fuel service permitted ,to our firm, to achieve a remarkable ability which allows it to feel confident about the future with the perspective to maintain a primary role among the firms that work in this field.
In these years Petrolmeccanica, keeping up with the market evolution ,refined its own internal organizational structure and the characterization of its own interventions .At the moment the firm is divided into the following sections:
-Production: it includes the production of fuel supplies and GPL mainly.
-Building: the firm service area directs to renovation works ,building and upkeeping of our fuel points of sale and of our oil depots .It’s also included the fittings check up at our workshops.
-Marketing and sale of products and accessories for the oil field.
-Development of applied technologies for the control of processes.
-Testing facilities for engines and feeding supplies.

Our company has always been a landmark for oil firms as well as form any other companies concerning this field .Besides the products and services mentioned above it also offers consulting services, research and applications of new technologies.
Aware of the changeable and new demands of the market and prompt to its changes, Petrolmeccanica in the last years has operated important investments in equipments ,tools, operating means and personnel training. Since 1991 it has turned its attention also to the foreign market and it has also obtained positive reactions of foreign costumers.
As our company’s attention has always been centred on the quality of its own products and services, it has adapted proper policies of reference ,fixing accurate methodologies and procedures. It put its Quality System under certification as the UNI EN ISO 9001 (ISO 9001) regulation wants to. In doing so it obtained the certification from CERMET ,registration number 1124.


Petrolmeccanica offices.

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